I create buzz for your new film.

So it's a good idea, to give your audiences a pleasure with a good marketing concept. Thinking big and beyond tellerrand!

Movie Poster Design Art Director Munich

Movie Poster Design

Do You need to create a movie
poster for your upcoming film project?

Film Website Design Art Director Munich html5 Wordpress

Film Website Design

Do You need to create a movie
website for your upcoming film?

Businesscase Marketing Building a strong online presence for film directors and producers. I create buzz for your new film


Building a strong businesscase
for film directors and producers.

Web Worker for independent Producers and Distributors.

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For which customers do I work?

The international film business is located in the middle of a situation that take an interesting shape. Changing demands of audiences are changing established windows of opportunities for producers and distributors. Local communities and culturally differently audiences are rising up. The major distributors can utilize their historical film value chain. But I think big and beyond tellerrand! And statistics indicate a strong growth rate and a promising horizon for independent, new and contemporary way of film industries.

The answer to the question, for which customers I work is, that I´m also kick in to help producers who are only at the stage of idea generation. In the phase in which perhaps there is only a mood, they need a website to convince there financiers.

The problems of producers distributors, if they will earn money are: They have a competition for leisure time more than ever. The share is under increasing pressure. And the costs for marketing are rising, because there more different devices and channels upcoming last decade.

I have an easy solution, to save money. I make “Responsive Web Design only for feature Films. The sooner you start with a webpage for a film, the better. So the following offer is almost addressed to producers, if they´ve only concept and mood. I´ll help you to earn money with your work.

Genre: Family / Comedy Title: Secrets of Smoothy
Genre: Family / Comedy

Secrets of Smoothy

Sardinia in 2010. All are proud to be able to multitask. Family Carruso twisted this idea and proves that you can have more success in all areas of life, if you are relaxed.

A relaxed lifestyle aren`t born. It is hatched. Discover the secrets of a society that seems to be more and more threatened from extinction. The daily madness of average family, at the beginning of the 21st century, leading to an increasing number of burnouts, divorces or is the reason for dismissals. Luigi is the boss, led by his handsome wife Carola, who´ve the commando. Son Esteban and the lovely daughter Anna prepare just on their final exams before. Family Carusso is an expert in relaxation. Always they combines modern Technology with a chic and rested lifestyle. Especially that succeeds with there smoothy time islands. They manage to get their idyll and tare are things each new acquisition with a brainstorm of. Anna falls in love with a stressed German entrepreneurs, who lifes in the world as we know it... how does she balancing the act with this kind of new acquisition?

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Genre: Scifi / Comedy Title: Sunny-Beetle
Genre: Scifi / Comedy


An old volkswagen as a time machine in a French mountain village, takes an artist back in 1994, along with here ex, where they relive a fateful night in a mission, but not authorized to change anything in order to guarantee that everything else remains unchanged.

A relationship on losing streaks: Pascal, whose girlfriend Louisa had shot him, Gregor who was find himself in his job, as in the dead of his life and had have a chreating wife, and Ramon, a suicidal snowboarders. To preserve Ramon before an snow avalanche, Louisa goes with her VW Beetle in the French Alpes, to the ski resort that was their old vacacion place. The glacier no longer exists today. On this journey they also applies to environmental scientists (we could tell you what exactly happens, but then, ... you know). There are serious temptations to do things differently. Will they find there way back to their suffering presence?

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Genre: Action / Comedy Title: Seven-Sounds
Genre: Action / Comedy


A young artist finds herself again in a hamster wheel.

Émilie is just prior to their conclusion and studied exactly what her parents had always discouraged, namely Acting and dance in Nice. When she now runs daily at the same time in the university, she discovers a dreary everyday life. Everyday sounds the same music at the platform of St. Raphael, again and again. They observed the people and by chance she is vigilant about a newspaper article on einenm European ideas competition to more productivity. it comes her an idea. And so she takes part in the competition, in this way they learn the social scientist Michael know from Munich. It is complicated: Michael finds her ideas great. Emilie finds Michael cool. Will she still with their discovery may improve the world?

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Genre: Comedy / Romance Title: Here I am
Genre: Comedy / Romance

Here I am

After a bad date, Théo and Lola met again soon in a holiday resort for families.

Lola, a pretty nice dental assistant and Théo, a web designer, met in the supermarket. After there first date gone horribly wrong, Lola and Théo agree they never, ever want to see each other again. But they meet soon in the holidays again. In a family resort. Will they find together?

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Genre: Documantary / Comedy Title: Four-Quarter
Genre: Documantary / Comedy


The life and the time. A time scientist explores importand and urgent things in family and career.

Tom is well situated, good looking and a confident singel. As a scientist he is currently busy with studies, a project on family and career. His assumption: It is simpler than many people are supposing. So you just only differ between important and urgend things, to become a fulfilled life. But Inès, a successful communications expert, met him in an interview and things get complicated. He is seduced to break his initially principles. Would he prove his thesis?

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Genre: Music/Romance/Comedy  Title: Salsa Breakfast
Genre: Music/Romance/Comedy

Salsa Breakfast

Jules and Lilou have an idea. They invent a method to test there skills with audiences. Things are going well and they receive the opportunity of there lifetime. But unfortunately at the wrong moment.

Jules, a jobseeking artist met Lilou at a dance audition, she also just finished her college. Together they start a project to try out your skills with audiences. The have a wonderful summer and collect feedbacks, you will be better and make important contacts. Both get a long-awaited job. However, in different cities. Will they still be able to realize their common dreams?

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About me

Webdesigner Graphic Designer Art Director for Filmmakers Stephan Daniel

Stephan Daniel

Your upcoming Art Director

» My name is Stephan Daniel and I'm a free Illustrator, Web Designer, Graphic Designer and Photographer from Munich. After the long list of references during the last decade, I'm currently working on a trilogy project about nutrition, witch includes a book, a card game and a feature film. «

Positiv Thinking

»My mission is to create ideas that are for positiv thinking relevant. And I want to make people happy with my work.«


» It's been a good idea if you do At length a checklist that supports you in planning. Basically, this is just a thread on which you can orient yourself. Over the years I have compiled such a list. This is important especially in responsive web design. You can absorb the ideas in your thoughts or let the left. Just as you wish. Or like to customize the list depending on your preference individutell for you and complement. If we have an appointment, I am sending you like to request a current document to. «

Responsive Webdesign

»There is NO doubt that Responsive Web Design is very important for today’s webdesign point of view.«

Webdesigner Graphic Designer Art Director for Filmmakers Stephan Daniel Advantages of Responsive Web Page Design • Super Flexible, One for all
• Mouse and Touch
• Content First
• Excellent User Experience
• Cost Effective
• Very Easy to manage Responsive Webdesign


Important: End of august 2015 the Early Bird pricing ends. On end of august I increase prices by 40%!

I offer affordable movie website design services for the film industry. A temporary 'one pager' will be setuped in html5, fully in Responsive Webdesign. In addition, we offer 'Premium Packages' from up to € 2.000,-, which are reacted with WordPress (CMS System). Note: All 'One Pagers' come without CMS System.

You become: A complete website with selected package of film-relevant modules in a Content Management System (for premium projects we use WordPress as CMS because it’s the most used in the world). A training for using these CMS as the role of an author. Some new idea and some easy tricks, which can bring your film projects forward. A QR-Code for your film advertisings (useful for business cards and other print outs)

What I need: A package of content, including - written Synapsis: (possible languages are english, french, german, dutch, italien – because these are only the languages I speak a little bit) - a mood or a trailer - an interview with the producer or a main actress (written or as a short-video) - web-host and a configured (WordPress as standalone must be possible, if you book my 'Premium Rate') - booked domain name for your film like bla-bla-bla-the-happy-film.com

Movie Poster

€ 290,-

for 3 drafts

Movie Poster Design Art Director Munich

I offer affordable movie poster design services for the film industry. Contact me today. I designs awesome movie posters. The rate is € 290,- per poster, including 3 drafts.

Movie Website

€ 690,-

for a one pager

Film Website Design Art Director Munich html5 Wordpress

I offer affordable movie website design services for the film industry. A 'one pager' in html5 (responsive webdesign). Contact me today. I design you awesome movie websites. The rate is € 690,- per a 'one pager'.

Package Rate

€ 790,-

for a Poster & Web Design

Film Website Design Art Director Munich html5 Wordpress

I offer you an awesome package, which includes first a Movie Poster with three drafts and finaly a 'one pager' and full html5 responsive webdesign. It must be the same project. As a rule, a film website launches long before the highly anticipated movie in order to trigger public interest. Contact me today. The Package Rate is € 690,- for one project.
Your save: € 190!